Multi-TF Avg BBands

Overall, it shows where the price has support and resistance, when it's breaking through, and when its relatively low/high based on the magic of standard deviation.
created by gamazama. send me a shout if u find this useful, or if you create something cool with it.

%BB: The price's position in the boilinger band is converted to a range from 0-1. The midpoint is at 0.5

Description of parameters
"BB:Window Length" is the standard BB size of 20 candles.

The indicator plots up to 7 different %BB's on different timescales
They are calculated independently of the timescale you are viewing eg 12h, 3d, 30m will be the same output
You can enter 7 timescales, eg. if you want to plot a range of bbands of the 12h up to 3d graphs, enter values between 0.5 and 3 (days) - you can also select 0 to disable and use less timescales, or select hours or minutes
Take note if you eg. double the main multiplier to 40, it is the same as doubling all your timescales
You can turn the transparency of the 7 x %BB's to 100 to hide them, their average is plotted as a thick cyan line

"Variance" is a measure of how much the 7 BB's agree, and changes colour based on the thresholds used for the strategy

- set all except one to ZERO (0), set to 0, and everything after to 0.
Turn ON and right click -> move the indicator to a new pane - this will show you the internal workings of the indicator.

Then there is a few standard settings
"Source Smoothing Amount" applies a basic small sma on the price.
It should be turned down when viewing candles with less information, like 1D or more.
Standard BBands use an SMA, there one uses a blend between VWMA or SMA
Volume Weight settings, the same as SMA at 0, and the same as VWMA at 1

BB^2 is a bband drawn around the average %BB. Adjust the to change its window length
The BB^2 changes color when price moves up or down

Now its time to look at the parameters which affect the buy/sell signals
turn on "show signal range" - you see some red lines
buy and sell each have 4 settings
min/max variance will affect the brigtness of the signal range
range adjust will move the range up/down
mix BB^2 blends between a straight line (0) and BB^2's top or bottom (1)

a threshold of "variance" and "h/l points" is available to generate weaker signals.
these thresholds can be increased to show more weak signals

ONCE YOU ARE HAPPY WITH THE SIGNALS being generated, you can turn OFF , and move it back to the price pane
the indicator then draws a bband around the price to maps some info into the chart:
fills a colour between 0.5 & the mid BB^2 and converts relative to the price chart
draws a line in the middle of the midband.
controls how much these lines diverge from the price - adjust it to reduce noise
converts the signal range (red lines) to be relative to the price chart

if you like, you can adjust the sell & buy signals in the tab from and to and to match the picture. It messes with auto-scaling when moving back to though

enjoy, I hope that is easy enough to understand, still trying to make this more user-friendly.
If you want to send me some token of appreciation - btc: 33c2oiCW8Fnsy41Y8z2jAPzY8trnqr5cFu
I promise it will put a fat smile on my face

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