BEST Dollar Cost Average

Hello traders

This is an upgraded version of my Dollar Cost Average (Data Window) script

1 - What is Dollar-Cost Averaging ( DCA )?

Dollar-Cost Averaging is a strategy that allows an investor to buy the same dollar amount of investment at regular intervals. The purchases occur regardless of the asset's price.
I hope you're hungry because that one is a biggie and gave me a few headaches. Happy that it's getting out of my way finally and I can offer it

🔸 This indicator will analyze for the defined date range, how a dollar-cost average ( DCA ) method would have performed (green panel) versus investing all the hard earnt money at the beginning (orange panel)
=> green versus orange

2- What's on the menu today?

My indicator works with all asset classes and with the daily/weekly/monthly inputs.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ However, results are only visible on the DAILY timeframe chart

As always, let's review quickly the different fields so that you'll understand how to use it (and I won't get spammed with questions in DM ^^)
🔸 Use current resolution: if checked will use the resolution of the chart
🔸 The timeframe used for DCA: different timeframe to be used if Use current resolution is unchecked
🔸 Amount invested in your local currency: The amount in Fiat money that will be invested at each period selected above
🔸 Starting Date
🔸 Ending Date

🔹 The script screenshot shows a DCA with 100 USD invested daily from 01 . 01 .2017 to 01 .28.2020

3- Bonus (DATA WINDOW)

🔸 Please check this screenshot to understand what you're supposed to see: Data window
And a quick video that I did months ago explaining how we can use this data window effectively

4 - Specifications used

I got the idea from this website https://dcabtc.com and the result shown by this website and my indicator are very interesting in general and for your own trading
The formula used for the DCA calculation is the one from the Investopedia website.

Best regards and best of luck
הערות שחרור: - republishing without the emojis. The emojis broke the whole script since yesterday 30.01 - Sorry for that, not my fault :)
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Daveatt PineCoders
@PineCoders, Thanks a lot :)
Seriously Great work putting this together! I've always been curious how much outperformance you could actually get with DCA on various instruments and this makes it so easy to check across different assets to understand how DCA would have changed returns compared to "timing" the market.
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Daveatt Simeon_Jack
@Simeon_Jack, I appreciate your comment
Makes us think about our trading performance and reflect a lot indeed in case the holding PF outperforms the trading PF
Really nice work... great way to teach basic investing strategies and then model to see if/when DCA performs.
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Daveatt Zentrader9
@Zentrader9, DCA is one of the best investment strategy
For very bullish assets, investing at the beginning always look more profitable. But this doesn't account for "broker hack", "scam wick", etc
Great tool - thank you so much for sharing. Just one question: I tried to check different time frames in the past to make some comparisons. It looks like when the To-Date is before 2012, the script is not working. Do you have a solution for this? No problem if not - just if there is an easy fix it would help me out a lot.
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this thing is next level sir.
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Daveatt JoshuaMcGowan
+1 השב
Very cool Dave, nice work!
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