[LunaOwl] Rainbow Color Gradient

作品: 色彩漸變-彩虹帶

This script is about rainbow color gradient, there are 35 colors from red to purple. The color changes with the time series, from light to dark, and then to light, repeat. Maybe it's visually beautiful. Compared to practicality, I prefer to use it as a color gradient reference. for the later works.



The changing process of the rainbow (resolution = 63).
彩虹帶的時序變化過程,分辨度是63格,充滿 (✪ω✪) 圖表藝術!

הערות שחרור: Change the editable part.
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Lol, that is fun. I think the only way to improve it further is to hide the bars ☺
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LunaOwl greenmask9
Bars are hidden, showed the following. v("╹◡╹)/
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greenmask9 LunaOwl
@LunaOwl, Love it!
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@LunaOwl, 这是上世纪美股的图?二十多年才拉回来
greenmask9 LunaOwl
@LunaOwl, Gonna also create some art: :)
Wow Wow; this is just an art; although not sure is works well or not but it already catch my eyes; great work LunaOwl =D
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@ICEKI, an art (and small functions). ~~ !! * (๑╹◡╹๑) **
When the candle closes, the series progressively increase, until 63 returns 1.
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@LunaOwl, Thank You for letting us know; I will take a deeper look!

What a nice happy face (๑╹◡╹๑)

Nice creations
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Nice chart
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Hi, this color gradient is used as a series functions ?
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