Average Daily Range Lines + VWAP by Tenozen

Hello! I created an indicator called ADRL (Average Daily Range Lines). This is my first original work, and I hope it's helpful to you guys.

1. Let me explain a bit of how it works...

So first of I need the ADR value, as by default length I use 19 for it. I want this indicator to calculate every start of the new day and break if another new day starts, so if the target level isn't reached, then the value would start to go back to 0 and get the new target level of the day. The target level is based on the first ADR multiplied by how much "percent" we want for the target level to hit, based on the first ADR value of the day. When the new day starts, the algo would start to add up the ADR value. If the added ADR hits the target level, it starts to plot a line by the candlestick by its high, low, and mid-level; it would create a new line if there is a new target being hit. So that's it.

About the VWAP, I took Tradingview's VWAP. I added the anchored part so I can plot a line if there is a new target level being hit. I hope that's okay.

2. How to use it...
- Using this indicator is pretty easy. When a new box is being plotted, that means that's the time when you should trade, as the box is still fresh. The VWAP helps if the market is trending or not.
- You can treat this indicator just like an S&R, as the price tends to respect the box. So best to use it as a pullback trade.
- We can assume if the price above the box, is a buy; vice versa.

3. Best Market to use...
- I suggest a trade in a nonvolatile market. The more volatile the market is, the harder the box is to be respected by the price. But if you really want to trade in that market, I suggest adjusting the inputs by how the box is being respected.

4. Suggestions...
- Use this indicator in 5 minutes chart if you day trade.
- Try using 30 minutes and setting the percent input from 100 to 80 and changing the ADR length from 19 to 14, this is much more suitable if you tend to hold trades.
הערות שחרור:
Just added "Box fill color"
הערות שחרור:
Changed indicator display...

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