RSI Wave Signals

Quick Description: Smoothed RSI with optimized trailing moving average. Look for cross above or cross under signals for buy and sell orders respectively.

VIDYA moving average of RSI incorporated with "optimized trend tracker" system. Thanks to kivancozbilgic and anilozeksi for implementing this great idea on Tradingview. The indicator adds "1,000" to the RSI MA values for more natural and accurate percentage trailing.

- Period MA is the moving average length of the blue line
- Trailing Percentage of MA adjusts the percentage (sort of) trailing level of the moving average.
- RSI Length adjusts the rsi length in calculation.

Trading Tips:
- System might be enhanced by taking signals only on "oversold" or "overbought" territories (i.e <~1020 or >~1080)
- Adjust position size of by 4 times of atr(length=14)
- Take 50% of position as profit when position reaches the 4*atr TP Level (breakeven)
- Let the rest ride.
- Best performing on short frequencies such as 1, 3, 5 mins.
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