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If you are looking for an indicator table that can project the distance between the price of the stock/index and different simple/exponential moving averages, this can be it. This is an indicator table overlaid on the main chart of your index/stock selection allowing you to see the distance in percentage terms between price and simple/ exponential moving average .

The settings has user interface to select moving average type SMA / EMA and input your simple/ exponential moving average periods. The setting also has a display toggle for a couple of simple/ exponential moving average periods. You can adjust the placement of the indicator table. You can set the lock-in timeframe of the indicator that can differ from the chart timeframe. You can set the view type to Simple Text or Distance (absolute term) or Percentage. You can set the color for positive, negative and neutral values.

1. Number of exponential moving average periods is limited to 4.
הערות שחרור:
Added fall from 52 week high.
הערות שחרור:
Added 1 year fall from high, 2 year fall from high, 1 year rise from low, 2 year rise from low.
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