Hull-Kahlman Trend with Alerts

This update is meant for those who do not want to dig into the code.
- modified hma3 function
- modified kahlman function
- edited for readability
- added alerting
הערות שחרור: Added offsetting by 1 candle.
Originally there was an offset back by 1 candle which I left as is for the purity of the experiment, just to show the difference. Now you can offset the display by 1 candle forward. I did this to exclude possible denouncement in my misleading the public.
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nice work!
+3 השב
Hi there Capissimo, is it possible for you to make a backtest of this strategy and share the code?
+3 השב
Lovetheproces Lovetheproces
Nevermind, it is repainting.
+3 השב
Lovetheproces Lovetheproces
With all due respect, what is the point of sharing an repainting script?
+3 השב
capissimo Lovetheproces
@Lovetheproces, look i'm not a backtester and cannot envision all the problems that may arise. Better apply with the repainting question to the developers. Pls do it.
+3 השב
capissimo capissimo
@capissimo, I did
+1 השב
alert coming automatic or need to put manually?
+2 השב
which time unit best results, thx for work
+1 השב
The plot offset makes this look a lot better then it actually is
+1 השב
capissimo AlphaBotSystem
@AlphaBotSystem, a lot depends on the length parameter in the Setup menu. The higher the length the worse this plot offset appears to be.
+1 השב
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