Baby Anna 3.0

TA Used
  • Gann ratios
  • Pivot points
  • Moving average direction
  • Ichimoku
  • Standard deviation
  • Distance to EMA
  • Multi-timeframe RSI
  • Risk Management

Chart type tested: Candlesticks
Timeframe tested: 27m


If you want access to Baby Anna, you have to either be part of EWG (You already know if you are and can't be if you're not already) or a Sperm Whale, Megaladon, or Blue Whale at https://tradelikeawhale.co.

Release Notes:

No modification is necessary to get this result. The most important things you could change if you wanted to are "Manage Order Size" and "Manage Risk" along with the various risk management settings. If you disable "Manage Risk" and enable "Manage Order Size," you will see the Net Profit increase to something like 9,000%. This is because it's doing something similar to pyramiding that I call an "Order size cascade." If you're using the TradingView Poloniex integration, you might want to do this though I've not tested that in real market settings. This is only scratching the surface of what can be done with order and risk management. Baby Anna has a bright future.

Enjoy :)
הערות שחרור: What's new: Strategy has been updated to this version, v3.3b. These are some code improvements which have greatly improved success and profitability. See the new backtest.

Coming up: The next update will be able to lock onto any trade pair.
הערות שחרור: This update is to get the new settings of 3.3b to take. It didn't when I last updated for some reason.
הערות שחרור: Another attempt to get the code changes to take.

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TradingView אינה מציעה לשלם עבור סקריפט ולהשתמש בו עד ש- 100 % אתה סומך על המחבר שלו ומבין איך עובד הסקריפט. במקרים רבים ניתן למצוא למצוא חלופה טובה עם קוד פתוח בחינם ב בסקריפטי הקהילה שלנו.

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