SuperTrend Buy And Sell

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Jun 14
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Gui, that's an amazing indicator! It works super well....but sometimes it gives a false signal...specially on markets moving there any way to minimize (or ignore) the false signals? Thank you!!!
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@guime, Hi, Unfortunately not
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@guime, I'd say by matching it up to higher time frame RSIs.

EG when a market is oversold on the 4h, look for buy signals. That way you only take the trades when the market is over extended.

If the market is ranging sideways, it won't ever get oversold/overbought, therefore cutting out rangebound chop.
guime StockyAndrew
Hey @StockyAndrew, thank you so much for your help!
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sbshah StockyAndrew
@StockyAndrew, nice idea
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@guikroth, can you please convert into strategy to see how much profit it makes. thanks
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Am I missing something, this indicator shows the past buy and sell levels but not the current or future?
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guikroth FreshCrypto
@FreshCrypto, Always the current. Never the future. Unfortunetely
what is the lag of it? How many candles?
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