Renko Entry Exit blocks

A very simple indicator for people using renko Charts.
It shows entry and exit points.

After two moving up blocks = Enter
After two moving down blocks = Exit

That is all, made it so it is a little bit easier.

הסר מסקריפטים מועדפים הוסף לסקריפטים מועדפים


Isn't a Profit Factor of 18.875 to high and proves repaintingon the Strategy test

It was set on XRP/TUSD Traditional 0.005
This is awesome sad I only found it now!
Did you see the repaint?
Luiz_M trhatom
@trhatom, where did u see it?
Hello - love this simple one - could you please backtest the strategy to see the %? Thank you very much!
@vacalo69, Here is a strategy, feel free to backtest it with your settings. P.S. added time option, where you can test it on specific time period.
vacalo69 CryptoJoncis
@CryptoJoncis, thank you very much! Some questions please that could help others too, as I see a LOT of potential to this script:
1 - How do I backtest this in TV? I dont know much about it but I thought it needs in the scripts different code like words ''strategy''. Could you please provide the steps on how to backtest it?
2 - where/how can i set a specific period in this backtest?
3 - Can we set/change on the code (not on the TV graph) the block size so we can backtest several of these renko block sizes?
4 - I was reading about simple Renklo strategies and apparently its good to always trade with the trend. One way to do this is only go long if price above 200 EMA or short if below 200 EMA. Think this is useful to add just to see the difference and we can uncomment it out from the code to test to see if it is better?
Thank you soooo very much:)
@vacalo69, I am no good with programming. I just started because I really needed to test my strategies. I added an option to test it based on EMA and you can change time on settings for strategy. Just tick the box and set the time frame from which to start to test.
Speaking about block size, I can't really help you there, as I mentioned before, I am completely new to this or programming overall.
Thank you for giving a feedback
CryptoJoncis CryptoJoncis
@CryptoJoncis, Just add my script on favorites and then on indicator menu, set that strategy. There you should see strategy tester. press on that and top left corner on that menu you will see setting button. There you can play with different settings.
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