Version 1.0 of our PT High Low indicator helps create a visual for the Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly range. These levels will give you an idea of where the price can react if reached. Consider them pivotal areas. We included a toggle that will help you go between the candle's High/Low to the candle's Open/Close. Both features are unique when scalping & swinging. The High/Low will paint a beautiful visual for your day to day trading & the Open/Close will help you determine where price maxed opened & closed for that specified timeframe.

Price tends to gravitate between the Daily level when playing intraday scalps. If playing the weekly, you want to be above the weekly pivot to punt longs & under the weekly level to punt shorts. More likely than not, when the price hits a monthly or yearly level, we get a noticeable reaction off it.

This Oscillator was built around our buy sell indicator & it is used on all time frames for swinging & scalping. It is included as part of the library. Just message us for access!
הערות שחרור: V 1.1

Update: Added Monday High/Low & Open/Close
הערות שחרור: V 2.0
-Added PT Mode which identifies Monday High, Monday Low, & Weekly Open for you on the fly. Extended lines were added for a visual.
-Added Monday, Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly, High, Low, Open & Close.
הערות שחרור: V 2.1
-Added CME Close.
-Cleaned visual.

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