3-TP JaZYoN bot 2.0 [60min]

Hello everyone

This script is optimalized for -------------->>> BINANCE:BTCUSDTPERP 60MIN
As always I recommend using this pair, becouse of the highest volume pair in the whole crypto space
Higher volume made more reliable decisions of my indicators so I recommend using this .

This bot is trend-following for 1h charts,
using simple strategy logic.
General stats are :

TP-1 : 0.8%
TP-2 : 1.2%
TP-3 : 2.1%
SL : 7%

This bot has extremly high stop-loss, becouse its dedicated mostly for strong-trends.
I set strategy,equity at 50%, this is equal to using 1.5x leverage each entry.

How this bot works?

- Bot only using 2 conditions to open long or short positions.
Most important indicator is PKAMA
PKAMA shows excatly when we start making serious moves, while PKAMA is moving, we are going with the trend
so for the first conditions we are also using combine of indicators such as:

- Basic Volume indicator
- Actual Support and Resistance

This combine is enough to not over-optimalized this bot
While PKAMA is flat and dont move, we are using bollinger bands as the main conditions with combination of :

- Bollinger Volume indicator
- Centred Trend Indicator

So with this kind of combinations these two main conditions, we are able to going with the trend and also we can be profitable without any trend

This script is prepared mostly for strong trend movemments, be careful with leverage becouse of the extremly high stop-loss

As always Enjoy guys ;)

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