Ultimate RSI - Divergence + S/R + Reverse RSI

TdB1 Pro+ מעודכן   
This is a modification of the TradingView RSI with some of my favourite RSI features added.

This includes Divergence indicators. EMA with colour change on cross, Support and resistance lines and reverse RSI .

A reverse calc has also been added. This will allow you to input 3 different RSI values for a price prediction. This is good to use with the support and resistance lines and can give you key areas on the chart where the price may bounce/reject.

All colours and modifications can be turned on/off.

Enjoy! :)
הערות שחרור: A few updates:
Cleaned some code.
Added the MA cross info to the price prediction panel.
Fixed the upper/lower bands not changing on the main panel.

Enjoy! Let me know if you see anything else you would like.

Currently testing: Alerts when divergence found - hoping this can be an early indicator and we can get the chart loaded up to enter on confirmation.
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