Slow Stochastic

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The slow stochastic indicator is a price oscillator that compares a security’s closing price over “n” range. The most commonly used range for the slow stochastic indicator is 14.

Defaults K=14, D=3
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study(title="Slow Stochastic", shorttitle="SlowStoch")
smoothK = input(14, minval=1), smoothD = input(3, minval=1)
k = sma(stoch(close, high, low, smoothK), 3)
d = sma(k, smoothD)
plot(k, color=black)
plot(d, color=red)
h0 = hline(80)
h1 = hline(20)
fill(h0, h1, color=purple, transp=95)
Excellent thanks so much for this. I use the Slow Stoch on the 60min chart and TV don't have one? Haha well thanks to you there is one. Cheers and much appreciated
Where is the Slow Stochastic indicator? There are only Stochastic, Stochastic RSI and Stochastic Slow Strategy indicators. When I use the Price Oscillator indicator, it's not the same. Please help. Thanks
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Thanks for this. I find it very useful. Much appreciated.
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Hi, how this is different from the built-in Stochastic indicator (which includes both fast and slow stochastic) ?
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Oshri17 janfry
@janfry, The main difference between fast and slow stochastics is summed up in one word: sensitivity. The fast stochastic is more sensitive than the slow stochastic to changes in the price of the underlying security and will likely result in many transaction signals.
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