ADX Overlap with MACD Filter

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It’s a method/study to find trending stocks and cryptocurrencies using two different periods (14, 5) ADX Overlap with a MACD Filter. The MACD filter may or may not be used.

Green shadow implies Trending Uptrend
Red shadow implies Trending Downward

I am a disabled man. Therefore, I am not able to write in detail here today. More Details will follow as time permits. Please let me know if I am missing anything…

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Safe Trading!
Kal Gandikota

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I was not able to edit the description. Therefore, writing here. This indicator also helps identify those Cryptos/crypto tokens that are either stronger or weaker relative to the underlying cryptocurrency(like BTC, ETH, USD etc.)

For instance,
if the indicator is green for NEOBTC, it implies that NEO is stronger than BTC
if the indicator is red for NEOBTC, it implies that NEO is weaker than BTC

In an automated Python based trading system, this indicator(of course translating it to Python) will seive out all those cryptos stronger or weaker than the underlying cryptocurrency(like BTC, ETH, USD etc.)
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