Ledger Status Toolbox

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I use a few things very frequently:

  • Multiple moving averages
    OHLC on various timeframes

This allows you to use both, and toggle several settings.

You can enable multiple moving averages (up to 4) and use SMA , EMA , or ALMA styles and choose from which timeframe they show (this can be useful but also choppy).

You can enable OHLC info for daily, weekly, or monthly views.'

You can enable Bollinger Bands with a checkbox.

This script combines all of that.

I have a ton of stuff I'd like to do with this, but I've used it this way for a long time now, and figured I'd share it.
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Great tool. Thanks. I had been looking for exactly that - keep the same indicator 200days/50days in different time scales. Well done!

I had also filed a support ticket to tradingview, to ask them to allow for timescale dependent indicator parameters (OR visibility tab for all indicators, but then we would have many indicators for the same thing, on different timescales). But then I found your tool, and for now it does what I wanted, for the SMA. Still, let's see what they come up with. I think it has a lot of applications. Makes little sense to me having changing indicator lines when I only switch the time scale.

So now, my question:

Would it be possible to create the same toolbox - for the parameter set of the Ichimoku cloud?
The 4 parameters are 3 "periods" and 1 "displacement" - so perhaps those just have to be multiplied by 6 when switching from DAILY to 4-HOURLY.
Thanks! Also, love your podcast.
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