CITI Moku Strategy(Free) by @MiaIsTheNewBird

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CITI Moku Strategy - This is a high win rate strategy based on Ichimoku Cloud and Lines and helps with catching trends in any markets on many Timeframes and detailed backtesting. This strategy uses high probability entry signals, Ichimoku cloud & kijun filtering system and Moving Average filters.

Entry Signals can be chosen to be any one of the 6 conditions, by default it is set to Price crossing the Kijun Line ( red line - 26 period).
All 6 conditions are connected together, so if more than 1 entry signal is chosen, script will open trades when all chosen entry and filter conditions are met.

Strategy has both Long/Short/Wait Deal and multiple other entry and exit settings.

With help of @Haldro backtesting template, startegy has highly configurable options for TP-SL settings, more profitable startegies can be created. User can adjust the Entry & Exit Signals, display settings, trailing SL, (by default it is set to ATR method). The inclusion of a maximum intraday loss feature adds another layer of protection, making this strategy a valuable tool for traders seeking a professional and adaptable trading system.


This strategy comes with 4 types of display settings - Strategy mode, Lines & TP-SL boxes , Entry-Exit Letters and Bull/Bear Emojis. If Show strategy is disabled, user can choose other display settings to use this strategy as Indicator.
Note - Be sure to backtest the settings before switching to Only Indicator.

Name: CITI Moku Strategy @by MisIsTheNewBird

Category: Trend Follower based on Ichimoku
Operating mode: Long and Short on Futures or Long on Spot
Trade duration: Intraday
Timeframe: 15Min, 1H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 6H, 8H

Market: Stocks/Crypto

- 6 different Ichimoku Entry Signals.
- Ichimoku Filter
- EMA Filter
- Trade direction filter
- Date Filter (for backtesting purposes)
- Take Profit, Stop Loss and Trailing Stop for long and short positions
- Risk Management: Max Intraday Loss

⁃ Exchange: BINANCE
⁃ Timeframe: 2
⁃ Fee: 0.025%
⁃ Slippage: 1
- Initial Capital: 10000 USDT
- Position sizing: 30% of Equity ( Use Net Profit is on)
- Start : 01 Jan 2020
- Bar magnifier: Off

- LuxAlgo for SuperIchi base indicator
- Haldro for Backtest template
- Created by Mia & Nomi ( We love Ichimoku trading)

Disclaimer: Risk Management is crucial, and backtest results dont guarantee future results, so adjust your stop loss and leverage (if trading futures). Use at your own risk.

This is Open source code, so all feedbacks and suggestions are welcome. I may add a dashboard later. Let me know of any other requests.
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Happy to be part of Trading View community.
הערות שחרור:
- Updated Alerts with API input for bot trading
- Added Dashboard to show strategy results & new Time filtering (Credits @VerMT)
- Improved code structuring for displaying Signals
- Changed default entry signal to Entry1 - Price crossing Tenkan Line
- Reduced TP levels from 5 to 3
- Separate ATRs for SL and TP
הערות שחרור:
- Improved X- Exit Signals as indicator
הערות שחרור:
- Improved plotting Letters/emojis (giving more accurate entries based on default settings/user choice)4 and removed overflowing exit signals
- Improved logic for Kumo cloud plotting
- Improvement on logic for Entry signals ( 3 types of entry conditions now)
- Removed option for Reverse & Reopen Deals
- Improved 2 Ichimoku Signal Filter system ( Above/below Kumo cloud and Bullish/Bearish Kijun)
- Corrected and replaced Alerts Input codes ( thanks to @Daveatt templates)
הערות שחרור:
- Updated Kumo Plotting & Filters
- Added optional Exit signals to be used as Indicator

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