Dynamic SMA

This script uses dynamic length to create a different sma type.

The length of the "Dynamic SMA" - "dSMA" can be:
'RSI', 'Stoch', 'ATR', 'MFI' or '%R'

For example 'RSI' -> the length of the sSMA will be the RSI itself

The biggest challenge was:
'Pine cannot determine the referencing length of a series. Try using max_bars_back' error

The writer of 'referencing length of a series' issue gave following solution:

bar_index == 0 ? 4999 : len
or in case of values which don't go above 100:
bar_index == 0 ? 100 : len

This assigns the necessary buffer to the function.
I'm most grateful for the given solution!

These dSMA's can give Support/Resistance levels, also crossovers of different dSMA's can give extra information



ATR (close / atr( len )




"show regular SMA" will show the "SMA" with the same length (with default lighter color)

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