1) BANKNIFTY Index Advance-Decline count
2) Each session, it reads the number of stock are +Ve or -Ve
3) Whichever the side +Ve or -Ve side moving stock is more than count will be plotted
4) at +/- 7 drawn a dotted line if Count is > = +/-7 Nifty is moving in a strong army


in the current session, 7 Stock is moving in +Ve direction & 6 are in -Ve direction
7 count will be plotted in the chart
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hi, first of all, thanks for the script,

can you create one similar script for volume, in your free time pls?

basically, it the underlying security's total volume and price both are going up then consider it as buy volume and display it in style_area with green color and if the price going down with an increase in volume then display it in columns style with red color

then add all the positive vol and negative volume and display it in a separate plot function

for reference check this image : https: // prnt. sc/ ujofwt (remove space )
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