Crypto BITCOIN BUY and HODL Annihilator

This is a very powerful strategy designed for BTC pairs like BTCUSD / BTCUSDT / BTCEUR / BTCGBP / BTCAUD / BTCCHF / BTCJPY / BTCCAD and so on.

This strategy can work with any time frame, however I found best settings on 4h time frame.

For this example, I used an initial 1$ account, using always full capital on each trade(without using any leverage), together with a 0.1% commission/fees for each deal, on bitstamp broker.
For risk management, we have a hard stop loss on the equity of 25%.

In this ocassion it beat buy and hold without using any leverage by 10 times with 44% DD going both long and short
If we would use 2x leverage, by ~200 times, while still maintaining a dd below 60%

If we would go only long, than by 4 times without any leverage but with a ~20% dd,
With 2x leverage almost by 100 times , with a respectable dd below 35%

At the same time I have to stay, that this is a financial market, so past performance is not 100% guarantee of the same of future results.

The components for the inside of the strategy are the next one :
1. ATR Personalized version made with HA candles
2. Fractals
3. Higher highs and lower lows
4. Fast and slow dynamic moving averages ( different rules for long and short)
5. Price action logic for ascending and descending movement using different comparisons
6. Options to go both long and or short, or just long

Trading on any financial market involves a risk of loss. Please consider carefully if such trading is appropriate for you.

If you have any questions or you are interested in trying it, private message me and I will give you as soon as I see the message a trial for it.
הערות שחרור: Added time range
הערות שחרור: new settings
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How much are you asking for this strategy? Looks great!
Hello.I'm Japanese trader. Could I use your starategy?
Best regards!
SoftKill21 variavlecontrol
@variavlecontrol, hi, yes. But this strategy is for payment . For more details hit me up in private !
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