Ichimoku Cloud Score v1.0

This script calculates a simple Ichimoku Score based on the signals documented here, with a few additions. Each of the score components can be individually weighted via the script inputs. The output is a plot of the normalized Ichimoku score, in the range of -100 to 100.

This script has been heavily modified from 'Ichimoku Cloud Signal Score v2.0.0'. Credit to user 'dashed' for the initial implementation.

This has been modified with several refinements:
  • Clean/Organized Code
  • Simplified Inputs
  • Improved Style
  • Scores normalized to a range (-100, 100)
  • Bugfixes and Improvements

Script Inputs:

סקריפט קוד פתוח

ברוח TradingView אמיתית, מחבר סקריפט זה פרסם אותו עם קוד פתוח, כך שסוחרים יוכלו להבין ולאמת זאת. הידד למחבר! אתה יכול להשתמש בו בחינם, אך שימוש חוזר בקוד זה בפרסום הנו בכפוף ל כללי הבית . אתה יכול להגדירו כמועדף ולהשתמש בו בגרף.

רוצה להשתמש בסקריפ זה בגרף?


Thank you very much. What exactly were the bug fixes?
+1 השב
is there a version 4 for this?
anyone knows how the normalization could be changed to make it run between 0 and 100?
sjb933 martinweb
@martinweb, I am not sure why you would want to because this indicator produces both positive and negative signals... but if you just want to re-normalize the output value in the range of 0 : 100 (instead of -100 : 100), then simply take the output score of this, add 100, and divide by 2.

E.g., ZeroToOneHundred = (existingScore + 100) / 2
@sjb933, why? because i only can use 3 indicators at once and i would like to have it in the rsi. therefore 0 should be 50 and below 50 should be the negative signals.
martinweb martinweb
@martinweb, nice thank you. I just added it to the plot. plot((normalizedScore + 100) / 2 , color=normalizedScore >= 90 ? : normalizedScore <= 10 ? : color.white, linewidth=1, title="Total Ichi Score")