Michigandolf's 30min Opening Range

This script plots the 30min Opening Range as well as the previous day's high & low.


Blue Line = Top of the 30min Opening Range for the session
Pink Line = Bottom of the 30min Opening Range for the session
White Line = Mid-Point of the 30min Opening Range for the session
White Transparent Area = The full range of the 30min Opening Range

Green Line = Yesterday's High for the session
Red Line = Yesterday's Low for the session


The Opening Range will continue to expand until the first 30minutes of trading has passed, at which point the range will lock in place for the remainder of the trading session. Many traders use these important levels to gauge trade entries and exits (e.g. Mark Fisher's ACD strategy).

This script does not work currently work for futures (e.g. ES, NQ, RTY) due to the session start time. Will configure for futures trading in a future update.
הערות שחרור: Version Update:
-Now works with Index Futures (e.g. ES, MES, NQ, RTY, etc.)
-To use with stocks or ETFs, please make sure you have the Extended Hours visible on your chart (Right click on chart, go to Settings, and select Extended Hours)

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