FlashTrade 20 Asset Screener

The FlashTrade 20 Asset Screener is a powerful screening tool written in Pinescript and designed for use in Tradingview. It simultaneously monitors a combination of seven (7) lagging and three (3) leading indicators for twenty (20) assets, such as; stocks, cryptocurrencies, or forex pairs.
The screener sends summarized numeric data as an alert to external programs that specialize in automated trading. This proprietary technology developed by the algorithmic trading firm known as FlashTrade.AI is now integrated with the rules-based trading platform TradeLab.AI.

The lagging indicators tracked by the screener are as follows:

1. The 8 Period Exponential Moving Average (8EMA): It determines whether it is over or under the 21 Period Exponential Moving Average (21EMA).

2. Two Closes of the 8 Period Exponential Average (8EMA): This confirms a trend as either bullish or bearish when it occurs over or under the 21 Period Exponential Moving Average (21EMA).

3. Ichimoku Cloud: This indicator identifies whether the price is above or below the cloud, indicating bullish or bearish trends.

4. Ichimoku Cloud: Conversion Line Above Base or Conversion Line Below Base: This measures the trend strength based on the distance between the conversion line and the base line.

5. Ichimoku Cloud: Lag Line Above Price or Lag Line Below Price: This tracks the lag line's position relative to the current price to confirm trend direction.

6. Ichimoku Cloud: Leading Cloud Green or Leading Cloud Red: This identifies the trend based on the color of the leading cloud.

7. MACD: This oscillator tracks the difference between two exponential moving averages and helps identify bullish or bearish momentum in the market.

The screener also tracks three leading indicators that primarily measure trading volume and momentum. These leading indicators are:

1. The Relative Strength Index (RSI): This oscillator measures the speed and change of price movements to identify overbought or oversold conditions in the market.

2. The Stochastic: This oscillator measures the momentum of price movements and helps identify potential trend reversals in the market.

3. The relative Vigor Index (RVGI): This indicator measures the strength of price movements by comparing the closing price to the trading range and helps identify trend reversals.

Overall, the FlashTrade 20 Asset Screener is a powerful tool for traders looking to automate their trading strategies. By monitoring multiple indicators for multiple assets simultaneously, it can identify trends and capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves.

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הוראות המחבר

You can request access to this script and will be alerted when it becomes available for use by the public. This script/screener is currently used exclusively by the algorithmic trading firm known as FlashTrade.

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