NVME Oscillator X

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The NVME Oscillator X is designed to help you ride the trends, scalp the markets, stay onto winning positions longer and close the losing positions sooner. The oscillator provides you with 4 different optional confirmation plots that will show you the trend, the buy and sell arrows, the buying and selling activity and the overall market control. Our oscillator is a simplistic user friendly indicator that outputs a nice hill and valley aura on your charts and it can provide much earlier trend indications compared to other indicators available. Furthermore, the NVME Oscillator X can spot divergences on any timeframe, giving you another confirmation to top of your trading style helping you trade the opportunities available. There is also a fully functional and customisable dashboard in the oscillator that shows you the overall trend ( ranging, uptrend, downtrend ), recent selling and buying activity, activity pressure, previous divergence confirmation, market following trend confirmation and a multi-setting trend board. Now that is what you want on your charts.

NVME Oscillator X works best when combined with NVME Vanquisher X and Envious Cloud Caster as then you will get the highest probability trade possible when you combine it with your analysis and trading style.


This comes with: NVME Vanquisher X, Envious Cloud Caster, Envious Volume Matrix, NVME Trend Meter and future scripts!
הערות שחרור:
New Oscillator Overall - New Design with community voted features
-Replaced Buying/Selling Activity Columns with Institutional Activity Columns
-Changed Oscillator slightly, first wave is the same as the old, second wave is our money flow trend.
-Divergences are now fully customisable.
-Colours now use a gradient overlay thats customisable in inputs to suit any colours
-Oscillator now only uses one input to change the overall content
-Added alerts for all features
-Added confirmation signals to the indicator
-Added high chance signals to the indicator
-Updated dashboard to provide better and more accurate data values.
-20% performance increase compared to V1 Oscillator.

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