Profit Maximizer 90%-95% IntraDayTrade Strategy WithTester

Developed for Intraday and for very very Lesser Time Frame Trading. Note: Invite only Script .Request to me Access permission to test this.

Strategy tester enabled .All you can test this in live market in any segment.

Lesser the time frame greater the success rates as the test results.

This can be used : Crypto Currency/Bitcoins ,Forex,currencies ,Index ,Commodity Gold/silver , Oil Market and in Equity /Futures

It will work for BINARY OPTION ,BINARY DIGITAL to enter and hold the position in right direction,User test it and confirm.

How to Use:

Three Main Zone BackGrounds: 1. Green Zone 2. LightRed Zone 3. Yellow Zone

1.Long only when Bar Color changed from Red or Black to BLUE and BackGround in Green, Hold the position until opposite color comes.

2.Short when BAR become Black and BackGround Red Exit when opposite color come.

3.Yellow Back Ground : Risk Trade Zone : When Red BARs Cautious Short , Yellow Zone LightGreen Bars (Avoid Trade) .In Yellow Zone Close the previous Entered postions.

Time Frame : Lesser Time Frame and holding for longer time will give Good Result . 1min-1Hrs . This will not work >1Hr Strategy and Candle will disappear >1hr TimeFrame.

Strategy Tester : Choose any Date Month Year to Current Date and check the results below in the Strategy Tester.

REPAINT/NO REPAINT : No Repaint ,Previous candles and Background Color wont change. In the current candle position wait for the candle to close to see the stability.Current candle color might oscillate bit However it will not change from Blue to Black or Black to Blue or Black to Red.

Note : Last Bar will be a actual Green or Red Bar by Default Do not Confuse with this.It is trading view default strategy design working way.Once Bar closes actual strategy color will appear.

ALERT /AUTOVIEW capabilities : Strategy Tester does not support ALERT by default as you all know.In the Indicator version Alert will be added for all Buy Sell and cover entries.

Test the strategy.

SCRIPT : Access must be given by me to test this .Once access given you can test ,Request for access .Without access Study Not Auth error will come.

Review and Feedback.Thank you!

Refer the Release notes for any updates and my posts below and in my idea page for more details. Thank you!

Any issues report to me to Fix.Thank you!

Sep 03
הערות שחרור: BugFix version based on user reports. Color change arrested.No other change.

Hint : Try this with Renko ,Point and Figure with Traditional chart setting ,Results are very good.
Sep 03
הערות שחרור: Strategy Code as well updated to reflect the entry and exit correctly. Actually the Strategy showing as BUY or SELL not matter .Follow the Background change and Candle Change. Refer LongBuyLongSell Indicator No repaint indicator designed for longer time Frame.It will give an idea how to use this well.
Sep 04
הערות שחרור: Repaint issue Fixes.Yellow Zone Removed. Blue to Black or Red Short ; AnyotherColor to LightGreen or Blue Long. LightGreen Candle be cautious.
Sep 10
הערות שחרור: 1min Binary version Beta Testing ;Not to be used for real trading
Sep 12
הערות שחרור: testing 1min 3min 5min
Sep 17
הערות שחרור: New 5min most profitable scalper added in this version.

In the indicator input setting choose 3rd option enabled and 2nd option disabled to get this new one .Default old 5min scalper enabled.

1min 3min no change ,it will work only in 1 3 5min in other time frame candle will show normal color.So time frame 1min or 3min or 5min selection is must.

Only for testing as of now.
Oct 03
הערות שחרור: Updated TrailingStoploss line 1 and line 2.
Strategy tester not available .Only Manual testing available .No Repaint.
Works only in 1min 3min and 5min .Other time frame not supported.
Oct 03
הערות שחרור: Updated a code to fix extra line coming issue.
Oct 12
הערות שחרור: The Profit Maximizer 5min scalper Once Again Simplified.
Transition of BackGround Color is the key to BUY/LONG or SELL/Short

Works only in 5min time Frame ;In any script. Noise Greatly reduced.

After Buy or Short is taken (Black to Blue Buy ,Blue to Black Short as per rules ) and the candle color is changing in between still the BGCOLOR is same continue the position without closing.This will help maximizing the profit.

Strategy tester not enabled .No repaint .


Thank you.
Oct 13
הערות שחרור: Script updated for 5min Scalp and 15min TimeFrame . BG color transition is the confirmed long or short entry point.
Mar 31
הערות שחרור: Early Entry Long Added; V575
Backetest 1 3 5 15min 30min included. Test only in heiking ashi.
Not optimized testing. Entry and Exit text shown in the chart to be ignored.
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Hi MarxBabu.. Would like test it. Please give me access
request Access
Please can you give me access
Need Access
Hi MarxBabu
I would like to have access to BACK test. Looks really good from the youtube videos request you to please grant me access.
seems very good script , i was looking for like this only , can you please grant me access.
Need Access
I wanna some scripts access.
Where i get it.
I'm waiting for your reply.

Thank you
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