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ChartPrime Market Dynamics Pro is designed to cater to those traders who are more interested in market structures, price action and fundermentals. Analysing volume, key levels in the market, market phases and multi-timeframe can help a trader build a clearer and more actionable view of the market. ChartPrime performs analysis on data in a unique way therefore attempting to give insights into the market otherwise unseen.

Major Features:

Order blocks: The ChartPrime order blocks provide sleek and clear levels in the market where the price might find support and resistance. It is important to note this data isn't availible currently therefore these are derived from data outside of order books. Order blocks are segmented into 4 sections reflecting the volume at a given levels. Low, Medium, High and very high based on relevant and dynamic averages. This allows a trader to identify how significant a level is in the market in a simpler method. Bearish order blocks have a red color bias and bullish order blocks have a green color bias allowing a trader to identify what type of order block it is. The order blocks also dynamically show the remaining volume at that given level.

Pattern Detection: ChartPrime leverages unique pattern identification methods providing earlier and cleaner chart formations. Patterns are commonly used in trading to assess whether bulls or bears are performing optimally in a market or losing strength. ChartPrime identifies; Ascending wedges, descending wedges, symmetrical Triangles, H&S, iH&S, broadening wedges and double tops/bottoms. Patterns often have associated theory behind them for entries and targets that we suggest a trader covers before using this feature. ChartPrime also allow for the user to adjust where a pattern is drawn from. In pattern theory there are 2 main approaches to drawing a formation; from candle body and candle wick. ChartPrime allows for this to be adjusted by a user and also allow for alerts to be set on these patterns.

MTF SR: Taking into account multi timeframes when trading is a key idea. Having ideas of the larger market moves can provide deeper context when trading. ChartPrime Market Dynamics Pro allows for 3 varying SR plots from 3 varying user desired timeframes. These are graded via pivot analysis and grid analysis. This rank is on a 1-10 scale with 1 being the highest rank and 10 is the lowest.

Market Stucutures : These labels are commonly found and used by the Smart Money community. They denote a break of stucture and a chance of character. BOS are labelled when the price breaks a lower low or higher high (in the trending markets) and a CoC occurs when price breaks a trending market pivot. These break a market into clearer breakouts of price action and can help a trader deduce relevant moves. The indicator allows for the user to adjust the detection length of these structures.

Premium and Discount Zones: Premium and Discount zones are underpinned by a simple piece of logic. A premium zone is taken from a higher swing point and the discount from a lower swing point. Although a very generic approach this can show areas in the market that could see a reaction. An asset being in a discount zone implies the price is undervalued. An asset being in a premium zone implies the asset is overpriced or overextended. These are excellent when used in confluence with other SR methods. These naturally will have a delay as they are derived from swing points in a market but still are extremely relevant levels.

Fair Value Gaps: These are gaps in the market where price has seen a highly volatile move and they are assumed to act as magnets in the market. The price may come back and visit these 'gaps' after the move has occured. These are a common technique now used by traders and added to this toolkit for convinience.

  • Order Blocks: Select the scale of the order blocks displayed
  • BoS/CoC: Toggle these on/off and adjust the lookback on these market structures
  • Premium/Discount Zones: Toggle on/off and adjust lookback
  • Enable FVG: Toggle on/off FVGs
  • Swing Levels: Enable basic swing levels in market
  • MTF Support/Resistance: Enable and select the relevant timeframe to obtain MTF SR levels on your chart. Up to 3 timeframes at a time.
  • Predictive Ranges: Toggle on/off
  • Trend Lines Detection: Toggle on/off trendlines
  • Wedge Detection: Adjust how patterns are detected; whether from wick or candle body
  • Toggles provided for relevant patterns.

Example usecases:
ChartPrime order blocks give a deeper insight into market support and resistance levels. Looking for order blocks labelled with High can indicate this level being a significant support or resistance in the market. Adding in further confluences here can assist further in deciding where the price may see a reaction. Take the screenshot below:

Adding in confluences from other timeframes can also help give a broader view. Using the multi time frame graded frame support and resistance levels we can use these to further assist us in finding significant levels in the market.

ChartPrime also provides breaker blocks. These are still significant levels in the market despite being "broken" prior. These too can be used in a classical manor and act as relevant areas in the market. These are particularly effective when used in confluence with Premium and discount zones. We can see in the example below price sees a strong reaction and bounces at these levels.

Market Dynamics Pro provides a comprehensive toolkit of unique features and mixes in the classical concepts allowing for a cleaner charting experience.
All content and indicators provided by ChartPrime are purely for informational & educational purposes only. Past performance does not guarantee future results.
הערות שחרור:
In Market Dynamics Pro v3.1:
Patterns now have targets displayed on the chart allowing for easy visualization of classical pattern breakout take profit areas with smart targets giving take profits based on volume and momentum calculations. Users are also able to select the colors of the identified patterns. The ability for users to select the number of patterns detected at the same time has been added. Breakout detection has also undergone a refining progress to avoid fakeouts and detect earlier breakouts of price action.
הערות שחרור:
Market Dynamics Pro v3.1:
Fixed candle stick colors glitch
הערות שחרור:
New update for The Market Dynamics version V3.2. The following changes were made:

- Trend channels with liquidity breaks DELUXE VERSION added
- Pre break Buffer zone setting added to automatic patterns.:muscle:
- Pattern break out symbol changed.
- Pattern break out logic improved.
- Premium and discount zone alerts added
- Message boxes added to alert section to customize alert messages
הערות שחרור:
Updated to version 3.2.1

- Added Zones option for MTF Graded support and resistance
- Wedge alert added
- Message box Alerts are working properly now. Able to customize your alert message.
- Added new channel forming alert
- New Colors inputs Added
- Text area updated for MTF ranges,

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