BTC World Price: Multi-Exchange VWAP

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BTC World Price: Multi-Exchange VWAP


What you see above are not Bitmex candles, but this indicator's.

Bitcoin is listed on multiple exchanges. Many people have called for a single global index that would quote BTC price and volume across all exchanges: this script is such a virtual aggregate (formerly: Multi-Listed, Volume-Weighted Average Price).

It will, independently for each tick, for any time-frame:
- Quote the price (O, H, L, C) and volume from Bitfinex (USD), Binance (USDT), bitFlyer (Yen), Bithumb (S. Korean Won), Coinbase (USD), Kraken (EUR) and even Bitmex (USD Contracts).
- Weight each price with the corresponding volume of the exchange.
- Quote the FOREX conversion rate in USD for each currency (USDJPY etc.)
- Finally return global average price (candles) in USD.
- Additionally provide (H+L)/2 etc. values.

No more "on Coinbase this" or "on Bitstamp that", you've now got a global overview!

See CoinMarketCap: Markets for reference. I've included alternative exchanges in the comments at the top of the script.


Basically just add it to your chart and use the indicator's candles instead of the chart's main ticker.

By default, BTC World Price will display candles only, but you can also display OHLC & averages (in whichever style you want).

  • You may indeed want to hide the main symbol (top-left corner, click the 'eye' button next to its name), or switch it to something else than candles/bars (e.g. line).
  • Make sure "Scale Price Chart Only" is disabled if you want to use the auto-zoom feature. (if other indicators are messing your zoom, you can try to select "Line with Breaks" or "Area with Breaks" to allow these to overflow from the main window)
  • By clicking the triangle next to the indicator's name, you can select "Visual Order" (e.g "Bring to Front").
  • You can select regular Candles or Heikin-Ashi in Options.

In the Format > Inputs tab, you can select which exchanges to quote. By default, all of them are enabled.

The script also exposes the following typical values to the backend, which you can use as Price Source for other indicators: (e.g. MA, RSI, in their "Format > Input" tab)
  • Open Price (grey)
  • High Price (green)
  • Low Price (red)
  • Close Price (white)
  • (H + L)/2 (light blue)
  • (H + L + C)/3 (blue)
  • (O + H + L + C)/4 (purple)
They are all hidden by default (by means of maximum transparency).

In the Format > Style tab, you can change their color, transparency and style (line, area, etc), as well as uncheck Candles and Wicks to hide these.
If you are using "Indicator Last Value" and want to clear the clutter from all these values, simply uncheck them in Style. They will still be available as Price Source for other indicators.
You can also choose to scale it to the left, right (default) or "screen" (no scaling).
Once you're satisfied with your Style, you may click "Default"> "Save as default" in the botton-left. Everytime you load the indicator, it will look the same. ("Reset Settings" will reset to the script's defaults)

Please leave feedback below in comments or pm me directly for bugs and suggestions.
הערות שחרור:
Update 2018-03-20: I've reworked most of the script to fix inconsistencies and add more options.
  • Added the option to input your own exchanges (Format > Inputs). Make sure there is volume quoted by the exchange, otherwise price cannot be volume-weighted.
  • Now computes 8 exchanges, up from 7.
  • You can now see the close values for each exchange independently (Format > Style). Impressive variations out there.
  • The chart will now go back to the oldest historical data available (as far back as the main symbol/ticker you input in the top-left corner of TradingView). The current oldest is BITSTAMP:BTCUSD (2011-08-18).

Default exchanges: (combined trading volume typically superior to 30% of the global BTC volume, excluding Bitmex)
  • Bitfinex (USD)
  • Binance (USDT)
  • bitFlyer (JPY)
  • Bithumb (KRW)
  • Coinbase (USD)
  • Bitstamp (USD)
  • Kraken (EUR)
  • Bitmex (USD Contracts, not actual Bitcoins traded) for good measure (huge USD volume). Feel free to replace it with another (e.g. Kraken XBTUSD).

Please leave feedback below in comments or pm me directly for bugs and suggestions.

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