Trend Line

Basic Trend Line base on fractals (v0.1)

Can not draw a line on the future X axis, So just a line segment but not a ray.

I don't have a better idea to upgrade...

הערות שחרור: Support change line segment to ray and modify ray extend style (Left, Right, Both, None)
הערות שחרור: Support control line count by modify parameter "Bars Limit"
הערות שחרור: 1, Target price label show on current bar (You can modify parameter to show or not)
2, Support alert condition help you create alert policy. (Alerts must be created manually from Create Alert dialog box on right toolbar.)
הערות שחרור: optimize line and label count
הערות שחרור: Prettify code,
הערות שחרור: Optimize input
הערות שחרור: New feature: Discover and mark channels
** Increase the qty of trend lines by parameter(Segment Range or Fractals Period), you will get more channels...
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Hello, the price icon is always overlapped. Can you only display the price tag of the current period?
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HarryBot iaidt678
@iaidt678, Thanks, I will optimize it for you...
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iaidt678 HarryBot
@HarryBot, THANKS
The lines are too slow to load
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@fy123, Ok, Thank you, I will optimize it or rewrite a tiny one for you...
fy123 HarryBot
@HarryBot, Thank you, the main reason is that the loading of the channel thick line is very slow.
Set parameter "Bars Limit" to 100 on BTCUSDT D, You will get one more important line, See my Idea which i just published :)
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Hhello. Which clock better?
little request if you can be helpful: the labels, how to move them to the right to a position each user wishes?
it covers candles so it may help a lot if it will be possible to choose the location of the labels or at least place it 10-20 bars to the right of the current/last candle.

thanks again for this nice piece of work !
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