Tenkan-Sen Strength Analyzer 転換線

The Tenkan-Sen Strength Analyzer 転換線 is included in the Richimoku Traiding System.

Tenkan-Sen Strength Analyzer (Indentify divergences. Know First. Act Faster. A must-have for every Ichimoku trader)

*As some indicators you may come across are using the repainting mode (which consists in correcting the false signal back in time).
You'll never see such thing in the Richimoku Trading System. What's on the charts is displayed in real time, no cheating...

Feel free to test the Tenkan-Sen Strength Analyzer 転換線 or the Richimoku Trading System For 12 hours! Study the chart history on all timeframes. Study all details incl. divergences etc.


How to access the Tenkan-Sen Strength Analyzer 転換線 in tradingview?

To access your indicator simply click on “Indicators” at the top of your Chart, and click on “Invite-Only Scripts”. Click on the indicator to activate it. That’s it!

Will the The Tenkan-Sen Strength Analyzer 転換線 work for Stock and Index trading?
Sure! It works on all Forex, Stocks, Indexes, Metals and Crypto's!

Does this indicator work with a free TradingView Account?
Yes you can use the Tenkan-Sen Strength Analyzer 転換線 with a free TradingView account.

Does the indiators work on all timeframes?
Yes, the indicators can be used on all time frames!
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רעיונות קשורים

Hello, could I get access?? Ty ty!!
Ichimoku_Bonanza wreckless6930
@wreckless6930, PM me and i'll make it possible ;)
Can I get access to the indicator please?
@TheRealSaf, Sure! Check the invite-only script section :)
TheRealSaf Ichimoku_Bonanza
@Ichimoku_Bonanza, Thanks buddy, I look forward to testing it out
Hi, I cant find your script... please can I Test it?
May I have access to your script?
Ichimoku_Bonanza Cryptocontinuum
@Cryptocontinuum, sure :)
If you want to check in which direction Tenkan-Sen will go next then check this tool to analyse the strength. look for divergences and you'll have the answer.
Please may you allow me to try
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