Lux Statistics Premium

Lux Statistics Premium is a toolkit consisting of three groundbreaking normalized indicators, quantifying information useful to any trader. This allows the user to gain more insight into the market, with unique data visualization.

The toolkit is composed of the following indicators:

  • Pivot Oscillator
  • Volatility
  • Institutional Activity

Each feature is described more in-depth below.

Pivot Oscillator

The pivot oscillator is a pivot-related indicator that displays the percentage of prices lower or equal to a price of reference over a fixed window length. Pivot-highs occur when the indicator is equal to 100%, while pivot-lows occur when the indicator is equal to 0%.

The main usage of the indicator is found with its forecast (displayed as dotted lines). This forecast allows forecasting the position of potential tops and bottoms. This makes this precise indicator a contrarian tool rather than a trend-following indicator.

The non-dotted line and labels are offset by Length bars. They do not appear in real-time. The forecasts can repaint. The indicator and its forecast should not be used alone, but only to support an existing analysis.


Volatility is one of the most important concepts to any trader since it is inherently related to risk. Knowing when price variations will be more volatile can help you stay away from the more stationary period in the market, only acting when significant volatility is present.

Many volatility indicators exist, however very few are scaled. The Lux Volatility indicator is displayed as a percentage, in a range (0,100), and will allow the user to anticipate more volatile variations in the market.

Institutional Activity

Estimating the activity of institutions in the market is a complicated task for technical indicators as it can often require data we cannot get access to. Our estimate of institutional activity is based on Shalen's hypothesis, leading to what we call activity asymmetry.

With this indicator, the user will be able to know where institutions are accumulating positions, as well as anticipate significant price variations.


We included a direct forecasting method applied to all metrics in the indicator. You can therefore anticipate pivot highs & lows, when the market will become more volatile, or when institutional activity will be present.

Users can forecast up to 100 bars in the future.
הערות שחרור: Default display mode changed from Heatmap to Gradient
הערות שחרור: Added version number in the short-title.
הערות שחרור: Renamed Lux Volatility to Lux Metrics & added 2 modes + forecasting.
הערות שחרור: (2.0) Renamed Lux Metrics Premium to Lux Statistics Premium, added a new Pivot Oscillator mode on by default & made minor changes.
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Works very well with the choppiness indicator on lower time frames.
+1 השב
LuxAlgo muinagh
@muinagh, Glad you're enjoying it! Definitely helpful for spotting choppy markets :)
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+1 השב
LuxAlgo ricmos
@ricmos, :)
looks great.
+1 השב
LuxAlgo stevenwalter0
@stevenwalter0, Glad you like!
Desearía probar su indicador , Gracias anticipadas
I have LA already. Is there anything I need to do regarding this update? Thanks
LuxAlgo clcconsulting
@clcconsulting, Refresh your browser/app and then remove & re-add the indicator to your chart for it to be updated :)