Btc Two Target 24 and 28

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I think the cmf will have an impact on prices in the previous supply zone . As you can see, the interaction areas between the previous prices and the current prices move synchronously.
It is possible to determine a strategy by controlling price movements at levels above cmf +0,14 and cmf +0,25.
Daily closes below 18400 could mean a stop loss.
As long as the price does not fall to these levels, as I mentioned in my previous analysis, I believe that at least 2 target levels will be formed.
1. The selling response is when the fibonacci channel is crossed from 0.618-0.786 i.e. 24K.
2. Target 2 will be formed by exceeding the fibonacci channel 1.618, so 28K.
When the price is above 28K, a graph similar to the Reverse shoulder head pattern will appear.
Although the image to be formed suggests this pattern, I still insist that prices will fall to 12K. Yes, maybe it will reach its 24 and 28K targets. But then the 12K will definitely be tested.
It currently offers good gains for day trading. It is possible to trade by following the indicators for those who can spare time to evaluate this.
I also believe that if it reaches its 28K target, it will undergo a consolidation process here.
This means that the subcoins will rally.
If it achieves this target, I recommend that you carefully evaluate this price race. I think the risk and the gain will be high at the same rate.

Note: This is not investment advice.

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