BTC / USDT - Crucial Moment , guys !

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Hey , guys !


Now we can observe the awesome situation with BTC . Its incredible for real !

Now if the price fixes above the level on 65k and we will confirm two daily candles closes , we can confirm the full blown pump of all Alt coins and super pump of BTC to 70k , 80k and more !

But if we do not confirm this facts we will test the resistance on 55k - 56k .


So , let's see what will happen in the coming days ; )

Check all of our ideas here :


Have an awesome trading , guys ; )
עסקה פעילה: Hey , guys !

We are gradually continuing to approach the 65 level, since the publication we have already made some progress, but the scenario is not clear to us yet, we are also waiting for the breakout and fixation of the 2-day candle above the level !


Have a nice day and more profit ! ; )
הערה: ATH yesterday , guys ;)
עסקה פעילה: Hello everyone, dear colleagues!

All the same, BTC chose the second option, which is indicated by a red arrow on the chart. ;)

Look, guys ;)

More profit for everyone! ;)

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