Dax can still be short by the end of 2018

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yo fellas dax is still in a dangerous zone,only above 13100 monthly will be long position for the long term.
as a result we can still try shorting so(some of us dont believe to this rally),under 11500 tgt will be 9500-H&S patern monthly.
take care!
עסקה פעילה: ez short ez life
עסקה פעילה: Are we?
עסקה פעילה:
עסקה פעילה: 11680 Next tgt
עסקה פעילה:
Dax will go Long only above 12550
עסקה פעילה:
עסקה פעילה: Closing Under11800 by the end of the month will add more shares
עסקה פעילה: the current pic
עסקה פעילה:
עסקה פעילה: we cool?
עסקה פעילה: lets go champ
עסקה פעילה: 11050 ahead
עסקה פעילה: We are still on the train
עסקה פעילה: RoLLin
עסקה פעילה: 1 big thing disturb me
Those 3 Gaps that would prob fill in the next months,dax Crash can wait..
עסקה פעילה: heading to 10k, no stops
עסקה פעילה: TBH i sold all my short positions 3 days ago... but still looking to trade the 9000
will see if longs can hold till 11100
will update soon
cheers to all

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yes, indeed: u r still on the train
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houstyle123 m4riovolp3
@m4riovolp3, i wish some guys Took the trade too
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m4riovolp3 houstyle123
@houstyle123, :) good work: great TA! one thing: the trend is your friend :)
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