Range Breakout Signals (Intrabar) [LuxAlgo]

The Range Breakout Signals (Intrabar) is a novel indicator highlighting trending/ranging intrabar candles and providing signals when the price breaks the extremities of a ranging intrabar candles.


The indicator highlights candles with trending intrabar prices, with uptrending candles being highlighted in green, and down-trending candles being highlighted in red.

This highlighting is affected by the selected intrabar timeframe, with a lower timeframe returning a more precise estimation of a candle trending/ranging state.

When a candle intrabar prices are ranging the body of the candle is hidden from the chart, and one upper & lower extremities are displayed, the upper extremity is equal to the candle high and the lower extremity to the candle low. Price breaking one of these extremities generates a signal.

The indicator comes with two modes, "Trend Following" and "Reversal", these modes determine the extremities that need to be broken in order to return a signal. The "Trend Following" mode as its name suggests will provide trend-following signals, while "Reversal" will aim at providing early signals suggesting a potential reversal.


To determine if intrabar prices are trending or ranging we calculate the r-squared of the intrabar data, if the r-squared is above 0.5 it would suggest that lower time frame prices are trending, else ranging.

This approach allows almost obtaining a "settings" free indicator, which is uncommon. The intrabar timeframe setting only controls the intrabar precision, with a timeframe significantly lower than the chart timeframe returning more intrabar data as a result, this however might not necessarily affect the displayed information by the indicator.


  • Intrabar Timeframe: Timeframe used to retrieve the intrabar data within a chart candle. Must be lower than the user chart timeframe.
  • Auto: Select the intrabar timeframe automatically. This setting is more adapted to intraday charts.
  • Mode: Signal generation mode.
  • Filter Out Successive Signals: Allows removing successive signals of the same type, returning a more easily readable chart.

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