Bitmex Swaps Volume Counter Stratified by Size

This script is a volume counter that stratifies volume by size (USD): 10K, 1M, 2.5M, 5M, and +10M, and assigns a +1 or -1 value depending on the value of the closing price relative to the opening price. It is intended to be used for Bitmex swaps ( XBTUSD and ETHUSD ). Following the direction the block trades can provide a competitive edge with respect to your trades.

Figure 1: Notice a drop in the +10M counter prior to the drop in XBTUSD price (area plot; yellow)

Figure 2: Bottoms in the +10M counter forecasted rallies in XBTUSD

הערות שחרור: Updated the counter to work with any asset.
הערות שחרור: Cleaning up the code.
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