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Introducing Crypto Terminal (:

The indicator makes use of cryptocurrency data provided by vendor INTOTHEBLOCK.

NOTE: The cryptocurrency on your chart must be paired with USD or USDT. Data won't load otherwise - possibly transient. For instance, BTCUSD or BTCUSDT , ETHUSD or ETHUSDT .

Provided datasets:
  • Twitter Sentiment Data
  • Telegram Sentiment Data
  • Whale Data (i.e. % of Asset Belonging to Whales)
  • $100,000+ Transactions
  • Bulls/Bears (Bulls Buying | Bears Selling)
  • Current Position PnL (Currently Open Positions for the Coin are Retrieved and Plotted. Data is Split into Currently Profitable Positions, Losing Positions, and B/E Positions)
  • Average Balance
  • Holders/Traders Percentage (Addresses are Retrieved and Classified as Holding Accounts or Trader Accounts)
  • Correlation
  • Futures OI
  • Perpetual OI
  • Zero Balance Addresses
  • Flow (Money Inflow & Outflow)
  • Active Addresses
  • Average Transaction Time
  • Realized PnL (Addresses with Realized Profits, Realized Losses, and B/E)
  • Cruisers

A few more data points are provided.

Additionally, you can plot the values of any dataset in a pane below price.

Below are images of plottable data; different cryptocurrencies will be shown for each example (:

Twitter sentiment data.

Assess this data lightly; difficult to confirm accuracy.

Telegram sentiment data.

Assess this data lightly; difficult to confirm accuracy.

Percentage of asset belonging to whales.

$100,000+ transactions ( volume oriented)

Bulls buying; bears selling.

Current positions at profit; current positions at loss; current positions at breakeven.

Average balance.

Percentage of asset belonging to traders; percentage of asset belonging to holders.

Asset's 30-interval correlation to BTC .

Perpetual open interest.

Zero-balance addresses.


Active addresses.

Average transaction time.

Addresses at realized profit; addresses at realized loss; addresses at breakeven.

Cruiser data.

Futures open interest.

Naturally, this data isn't provided for every cryptocurrency; NaN values are returned in some instances.

Table 1

I provided three data tables, which load independently, so you don't have to change plotted data to access values.

Table 2

Lastly, you can create a 10-asset crypto index and run calculations against it.

The image shows an example.

I'll update this script with additional calculations/data in the near future. If you've any suggestions - please let me know!

Enjoy (:

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