OI Volume Oscillator Cross Dynamics

The OI Volume Oscillator Cross Dynamics is a custom indicator designed to analyze the relationship between Open Interest (OI) and Volume Oscillator in the cryptocurrency markets. This tool aims to assist traders in identifying potential market sentiment shifts, enabling them to make informed trading decisions based on the dynamic interplay of these key market components.

Key Components:

Open Interest (OI): This component represents the total number of outstanding derivative contracts, such as futures and options, that have not been settled. Open Interest provides insights into market participation and trader commitment, offering a broader perspective on the flow of money into the market.

Volume Oscillator: The Volume Oscillator is a momentum indicator that showcases the difference between two volume moving averages. It is instrumental in identifying bullish or bearish market trends by providing insights into buying and selling pressure in the market.

Functional Dynamics:

Crossover Analysis: The indicator identifies points where the Volume Oscillator crosses above or below the Open Interest, marking potential shifts in market sentiment. These crossover points are visually represented, making them easily identifiable for analysis.

Visual Cues: The indicator uses visual shapes and colors to enhance interpretability. Bullish crossovers are marked with green upward triangles, while bearish crossovers are represented by red downward triangles.

Customization: The indicator allows for customization of the Volume Oscillator’s sensitivity through a multiplier, enabling traders to adjust the indicator according to their trading strategy and market outlook.

Usage Guidelines:

Bullish Scenario: A crossover of the Volume Oscillator above the Open Interest is interpreted as a bullish signal, indicating potential upward price movement due to increased buying pressure or trading activity.

Bearish Scenario: A crossover of the Volume Oscillator below the Open Interest is seen as a bearish signal, suggesting potential downward price movement due to increased selling pressure or reduced trading activity.


The OI Volume Oscillator Cross Dynamics indicator is designed to provide traders with a nuanced perspective of market activity through the combined analysis of Open Interest and Volume Oscillator. Its design aims to offer valuable insights, allowing for a strategic approach to trading based on the observed market dynamics.

The code is open source and utilizes Binance info but you can alter the code to meet your needs to go beyond just Bitcoin if needed.

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