Mr_tahlilgar RSI 3 line with Divergence

This oscillator organized by three Line , control zone and Divergence Line
1:) Fast Line
2:) Slow Line
3:) Heavy Line
4:) Neutral Zone between Fibo 38.2% & 61.8%
5:) Bullish Control Zone
6:) Bearish Control Zone
7:) Super Bullish Control Zone
8:) Super Bearish Control Zone
9:) Divergence Line

And there are three theories of finding tradable signals behind those parts .

The first and the most simplest theory is the situation that the Fast Line has the possibility to be supported by Slow or Heavy Lines and basically reverse its slope !!
But there are some rules and notes for this theory ... First of all the accuracy and rate of that is variable in three main categories of situation
1:) with or without price action reversal structure like reversal pattern (Head&Shoulder , Quasimodo , .... )
2:) with or without regular divergence
3:) in which control zone ?
So basically the most powerful setup occurs when price action is already in the reversal structure and the potential to have at least one drive of regular divergence exist and also the Fast Line is in the opposite control zone of the current time frame trend .... so obviously if one of those rules will not be satisfied so the signal will be the less value

The second theory is the signals that occur after the reversal, obviously a sign of trend continuation. there are two type of that you can use with this oscillator
The first one happens when price reverses its trend and this oscillator is moving to the neutral zone ... so if at least one drive of hidden divergence exist the neutral zone will have good possibility to reverse the slope of the oscillator obviously this would happen usually after hidden divergence confirmed .
and the second one is basically the first type but after the reversal Subsequently in the outside of the bullish / bearish control zone ... those kinds of signals are NOT the reversal potency signal at all !! they designed for trend continuation... be careful of them and try trade with your old friend trend ! .... also The existence of hidden divergences will be better for trade in this kind of signals

The third theory is about the continuity of the current trend
When the fast line moves towards the neutral or descending area but the heavy slow line continues to move positively and upwards, it means that the movement can continue in the same flow and trend as it is. And vice versa
הערות שחרור: 1- Optimizing hidden and normal divergences

2 - Add stochastic with a little more normalization to the chart that is suitable for times when the market is suffering in black
For better visibility, the rest of the lines can be hidden from the settings
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