HFT The Ultimate Trend Backtester

This is a trend following based strategy developed by HFT Research.

It works on Stocks, Forex and Cryptocurrency markets

This indicator comes fine tuned out of the box. It works on best on 15min, 1 hour and 4 hour time frames. It provides 3 separate entries for each of the time frames, providing you 12 different entry options.

Each time frame has the following options to choose from
You can use 1 hour settings on 15min chart however, it may not work the best.

Moderate entry will give you the modest amount of trades with modest amount of risk
Aggressive entry will give you wild entries and lots of action, if you are willing to babysit the trades, it might be an option for you
Conservative entry are best for those who want to automate the strategy or for those that don't have the time to trade the alerts actively

The backtester assumes the following;
- 1000$ capital
- 0.06% commission based on binance
- 1% risk meaning 100% equity on cross leverage
- Backtest results are starting from 2020

הערות שחרור: This strategy has been updated.
Made a few visual adjustments

In order to get access to the script;
-You can DM me
-Check out our website listed in the signature section
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Hello, could i trial your indicators plz?
@kensoka, sure access granted
kensoka HFTResearch
@HFTResearch, thanks exploring the package
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