Trend intensity 65 TI65

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––––History & Credit
This indicator has been inspired by public videos of StockBee and his community. Stockbee is a famous successful trader, who has approach to detail and backtesting. The TI65 is a great confirmation tool for the trend strenght.

–––––What it does
TI65 is an indicator that measures trend and momentum over 65 days.
When there is a green cloud we have a confirmed uptrend with certain velocity.

The calculation is simple as it measures the ratio between the 7d SMA over the 65D sma.

–––––How to use it
Look for entry points when during green trade intensity.
הערות שחרור:
Adding the Trend Intensity for the downside with red cloud
הערות שחרור:
Added 2 new features!

1. Toggle the sensitivity setting on your own. In the menu, setting SENSITIVITY can be adjusted. Original indicator has a default value of 5 but you can increase and decrease this if you want. This might be useful for intraday in case you want MORE signals.

2. Added a HIGHER TIMEFRAME TI65, this way, I can see if the Daily and the Weekly agree. I can filter out conflicting signals (e.g. Daily gives me bullish signal while the Weekly is bearish). This setting can be turned ON or OFF in case you want to use it.
הערות שחרור:
Added MDT (Modified Double Trouble) as per client requests. Added MDTup and MDTdown

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