Fractals V9 Modified

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So taking Ricardo Santos script for fractals V9 -I change the time function of the high TF fractal to non repainting one
adding daily fib levels
This hybrid seems to look nice . I have to admit that all credit to Ricardo Santos for his exelent script.
thi work it hybrid work and not so much original work....
The main improvment is the signals which are not reapinting as we remove security from that.
Security function exist for daily fib but it has nothing to do wih signal generation so i did not touch it

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ברוח TradingView אמיתית, מחבר סקריפט זה פרסם אותו עם קוד פתוח, כך שסוחרים יוכלו להבין ולאמת זאת. הידד למחבר! אתה יכול להשתמש בו בחינם, אך שימוש חוזר בקוד זה בפרסום הנו בכפוף ל כללי הבית . אתה יכול להגדירו כמועדף ולהשתמש בו בגרף.

רוצה להשתמש בסקריפ זה בגרף?


Just a couple of questions.
1. How does filtering out Williams Fractals affect the trade?
2. If I work on a 5/15 min Tf and set higher Tf to 1D, will repainting occur on the lower TF?
Hi, thank you for sharing this script. I noticed that the Timed Bottom Fractals are not displaying. Timed Top ones are fine.
Hi Rafael, excellent work on the indicator. However, during (Bar)Replay, the colored fib levels lines do not seem to displayed correctly. Is there a solution for that?
For some reason, zigzag didn't change.
@Jittra, true, i did not look on that:))

example how to find High and low when we put it on fib system 15 min graph (5 min graph also work well)
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