Swing Multi Moving Averages Crypto and Stocks Strategy

Simple and efficient multi moving average strategy combined with risk management and time condition.

Indicators/ Tools used
Multi selection moving average type like SMA , EMA , SMMA , VWMA , VIDYA , FRAMA , T3 and much more
Limit 1 entry max per week, entry on monday exit on sunday or risk management tp/sl.

Rules for entry:
LONG:Close of the candle cross above the moving average while the previous close was below. All of this is happening during monday session.
SHORT:Close of the candle cross below the moving average while the previous close was above. All of this is happening during monday session.

Rules for exit:
We exit either on sunday or if we reach tp/sl levels.

I recommend use the strategy 2 types, one for long and another for short, using different parameters since long and short movements behave differently.
For example for long we can use a shorter moving average longth and a higher tp/sl while for short we can use a bigger moving average length and a smaller tp/sl

If you have any questions let me know !

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