Hamilton - Wick Length Prediction

Wick Length Prediction is a Pine Script indicator crafted to empower traders by predicting the potential length and direction of the next candle's wick based on historical price action. By analyzing previous candles' wick sizes, this tool provides valuable foresight into future price dynamics, enhancing decision-making for traders.

Key Features:

Wick Percentage Analysis: Calculates the percentages of the upper and lower wicks from the previous candle relative to its total range, offering a predictive insight into the next wick’s potential direction and size.
Directional Bias Indicator: Identifies the longer wick between the previous candle's upper and lower wicks to suggest a directional bias—green indicates an upward prediction, while red suggests downward.
Targeted Plotting: Marks a horizontal line at the anticipated wick position for the forthcoming candle, aiding traders in identifying potential price rejection zones ahead of time.
Strategic Insights for Traders:

Understanding Market Pressure: Recognizes that wicks typically indicate pressure in the opposite direction of their occurrence, presenting potential targets for price movement towards the opposite side. This insight is invaluable for identifying reversal zones or continuation patterns.
Optimal for Scalping: Especially beneficial for scalpers, this tool helps in pinpointing precise entry and exit points by forecasting where the price might face opposition and potentially reverse or absorb the wick.
Timeframe Flexibility: While best suited for higher timeframes, it also delivers on lower timeframes during aggressive market movements, making it a versatile addition to your trading arsenal.
Application Tips:

Leverage in combination with other indicators and support/resistance levels to refine your trading strategy.
Ideal for enhancing price action analysis, providing a clearer understanding of potential market movements.
Use as a strategic complement to your existing approach, mindful of its predictive nature to inform better trading decisions.

Disclaimer: Trading involves significant risk. This tool aims to support a diversified trading strategy, but it's crucial to perform your own analysis and adopt appropriate risk management practices.
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