FTSE Fridays

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This code snippet below is a quick and dirty follow up to some statistical analysis performed on the FTSE 100 . It showed that over the long run, (since 1995) going long on a Friday appeared to have a statistical edge (53%). As a bit of fun, I wanted to create a quick pine script backtest to test this and see if it is possible to profit from it. After all, the index might finish up 53% of the time, but that doesn't mean one can profit from it.

A full commentary to the script and FTSE analysis post can be found on the Backtest-Rookies website. To comply with house rules, I cannot post a direct link here.

Important Note

The script must run on the 4H time frame…..Why? It is a quick and dirty implementation and it relies on entering a long position on the 4H bar before the market opens. This way the position will enter at the open of the market. (Since positions are always opening on the bar following an entry signal).

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