LTF Candle Insights (Zeiierman)

The LTF Candle Insights indicator allows traders to explore the finer details of the market by integrating lower time frame (LTF) data into their current chart, offering a more detailed and nuanced view of price movements. This comprehensive visual tool is crucial for traders who want to investigate complex market trends without the constant need to switch between different chart timeframes.

In essence, this indicator overlays the smaller details into the broader frame, enabling traders to grasp the fine points while examining the larger market picture.

How It Works
The LTF Candle Insights indicator easily puts LTF candles onto the current chart, allowing traders to see both the current timeframe and the chosen lower timeframe candles at the same time. This dual view helps traders see the main market trends and important price levels, helping them get a better understanding of the little details and complexities of the market.

How to Use
Trend Analysis
Traders can use this indicator to look closely at smaller market trends by comparing LTF candles with the candles of the current timeframe. Knowing the trends in LTF helps traders make trades that go along with the small market movements.

Support and Resistance Identification
By looking at the high, low, and middle levels of LTF candles, traders can find possible support and resistance areas. This detailed look helps traders pick the best times to enter or exit trades, set up stop-losses effectively, and manage risk carefully.

Lower Timeframe and Candle Amount
  • Users can determine the lower timeframe and the number of LTF candles they wish to observe on their current chart.
Range Lines
  • The high/low range of the illustrated candles and the optional mid-range line can be displayed, granting insights into significant price levels and ranges.
Table Display
  • A summary table can be displayed, outlining details of the current chart's timeframe and the chosen LTF, providing a succinct overview for traders.


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