Double Donchian, Double Keltner, no-overlay

This is rather an educational script on how you can put multiple channels on the chart in a relatively non-confusing manner. Because it can be done doesn't mean you should do it (especially as a beginner). However, you might want to use maybe two.

Normally, TradingView would put them all over each other causing chart to lose readability. By a few clever conditions, higher timeframe KC does draw on the chart only if it is outside lower timeframe KC. Lower timeframe Donchian is 99,5% outside both Keltner Channels , and it will not show if it overlaps at any point. Higher TF Donchian ale two lines but no background.

Keltner channel 1 uses original settings
Keltner channel 2 uses TradingView default settings
Donchian 1 uses TradingView default
Donchian 2 uses 60 periods used by Turtles if I remember it correct

Have a great trade!
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