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The "VWAP CURRENT YESTERDAY" is a Pine Script designed for TradingView that automatically calculates and plots the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) for the current day, the previous day.

Dynamic VWAP Calculation:
Automatically generates VWAPs for 1 day and 2 day.

User-Friendly Customization:
Through input options, users can easily toggle the visibility of each VWAP line, adjust colors, and set line thicknesses to their preference.

Configuration Options

1. VWAP Source:
Choose the price source for VWAP calculation. Default is the typical price (`hlc3` - the average of high, low, and close).

2. VWAP Lines:
Toggle the display for Today's VWAP, Yesterday's VWAP, and the VWAP from 2 days ago.
Customize colors and thickness for each VWAP line for clear visual distinction.

3. VWAP Labels:
Configure label sizes and positions to ensure that VWAP values are easily identifiable on the chart.

How It Works:
- The script calculates the sum of price multiplied by volume (`vwapsum`) and the sum of volumes (`volumesum`) for the specified periods.
- It utilizes an impulse function to reset calculations at the start of each new session or custom date, ensuring accurate and relevant VWAP values.
- Final VWAP values are plotted as lines on the chart, with optional labels for current and 2-day VWAPs for quick reference.

Customization Guide:
- To activate or deactivate specific VWAP lines, navigate to the 'VWAP Lines' section in the script's settings and toggle the respective options.
- Adjust the color and thickness of each VWAP line under the same section to match your charting preferences.
- Label settings, including size and offset, can be customized in the 'VWAP Labels' section, allowing for personalized label positioning and readability.

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