One-Sided Gaussian Filter w/ Channels [Loxx]

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One-Sided Gaussian Filter w/ Channels is a Gaussian Moving Average that is calculated using a Fibonacci weighting function. Keltner channels have been added to show zones of exhaustion. A better name would be "Half Gaussian bell weighted" or "Half normal distribution weighted" indicator, since the weights for calculation of the average (similar to linear weighted average) are taken from a normal distribution curve like function--but only the half of the curve is used for calculation.

Information of the Gaussian distribution can be found here : en.wikipedia.org/wik.../Normal_distribution and once you take a look at the standard normal distribution curve, it will be much clearer what is exactly done in this indicator.

After the Gaussian Filter is applied to the source input, an Ehlers' 2-Pole Super Smoother is applied to reduce noise without significant lag.

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Small updates, and fixes
הערות שחרור:
Unrestricted levels ingest.

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