Diamond Grids @shrilss

Uncover hidden patterns and potential reversal zones with the Diamond Grids Indicator. This script introduces a unique approach to visualizing price extremes within a specified range, aiding traders in identifying critical support and resistance levels. The indicator dynamically calculates and displays diamond-shaped grids based on user-defined short and long lengths and ATR. Utilize this powerful tool to enhance your technical analysis and gain insights into potential trend reversals.

Key Features:

- Dynamic Grid Calculation: The indicator dynamically calculates and plots diamond-shaped grids based on specified short and long lengths. These grids represent key price extremes within the defined range.

- Multi-Level Support and Resistance: Each diamond grid consists of multiple support and resistance lines, providing a comprehensive view of potential reversal zones. Traders can use these levels to make informed decisions.

- Customizable Parameters: Tailor the indicator to your trading style with customizable parameters such as short length, long length, and a multiplier. Adjust these settings to align the indicator with your unique preferences.

- Real-Time Updates: The indicator updates in real-time, ensuring that traders have the latest information on potential reversal zones. Stay ahead of market movements and make timely decisions.

- Toggle Trend Visualization: Diamond-shaped grids are color-coded for easy interpretation. Positive and negative grid lines are distinctly marked, offering a clear visual representation of the overall trend.

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