MTF Market Structure Highs and Lows

The indicator marks the last fractal highs and lows (W,D,4H and 1H options) to help determine current market structure. The script was created to help with directional bias but also as a MTF visual aid for stop hunts/liquidity raids.

Liquidity areas are where we assume trader's stop losses would be when buying or selling. Liquidity lies above and below swing points and institutions need liquidity to fill large orders.

Monitor price action as it hits these areas for a potential reversal trade.
הערות שחרור: Alert function has been added for when price crosses a specified MS high/low. Also option to show previous broken highs/lows has been included.
הערות שחרור: Breach lines and more alert functions added

- Any level cross alert
- Any level low cross alert
- Any level high cross alert
הערות שחרור: Fixed error in code for alerts. Alerts once per breach and then resets for the next breach.
הערות שחרור: Monthly, 30m, 15m and 5m MS highs and lows option added.

סקריפט קוד פתוח

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כתב ויתור

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